I’ve written a number of articles and pieces for local and national publications, as well as on my personal blog CuriousKind.  You can also find many of my older posts on the Library Garden blog.

Here are some links to selected published writings.

Selected ALALearning posts

  1. Ten Steps to Promote Learning in Your Conference Presentation
  2. Learning and User Experience.  Good UX=Good LX
  3. Five Tips for Successful Webinars
  4. Finding Your Voice(s)

Here are some links to selected Library Garden posts

  1. How To Ignite Your Passion
  2. Talking Good:  Giving Effective Presentations
  3. Ten Questions to Ask Every New Employee
  4. Five Questions that Will Improve Your Effectiveness
  5. Convenience (a companion piece to The Human Touch)
  6. The Ten Principles of Improv and Why You Should Care
  7. What Story Are You Telling? (a guest post on Tame the Web)
  8. Get Your Head Out of Your OPAC
  9. Library as Place

Customer Service Tips

  1. Creating a positive customer experience
  2. Do Daily Walk-throughs
  3. Be a Great Place For Teens
  4. Keep a “No” log
  5. Use Your Good Judgment in all Situations
  6. What Libraries Can Learn From Facebobok
  7. Dumping Rules…