The Very Heart of It. Keynote for Urban Libraries Unite (ULU) Conference, April 5, 2013

Here is the slidedeck from my recent keynote, The Very Heart of It, given at the Urban Libraries Unite (ULU) Conference in Brooklyn, NY on April 5, 2013. Note that the full text of the talk is available as a pdf (with slides) at:


University of Rhode Island GSLIS Keynote: Influence When You Have No Power or Authority

Here is the slidedeck from my recent keynote, Influence When You Have No Power or Authority, given at the University of Rhode Island GSLIS Conference in Kingston, Rhode Island, March 23, 2013.  Note that the text of my talk is available in the notes field of the powerpoint which can be downloaded from Slideshare.

Support your library PAC: EveryLibrary for every library!

An open letter to the New Jersey Library Community:

Have you heard the news about EveryLibrary, the new PAC being formed to support libraries across the country?  

EveryLibrary has the potential to be an enormous help to thousands of libraries, but right now it needs our help to get off the ground.  EveryLibrary is conducting a $50,000 fundraising round from September 5 to November 7, 2012 to underwrite the fees associated with its legal filings and to create campaign toolkits, voter education materials, and messaging targeted to 2013 election initiatives.

Please join with other NJ library colleagues in lending your support by clicking here:

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT EVERYLIBRARYEveryLibrary is a nonpartisan PAC registered under section 501c4 of the U.S. Internal Revenue code. Most library associations are organized as 501(c)3 educational associations which are legally prohibited from engaging in direct voter advocacy or funding political campaigns. As a 501(c)4 organization, EveryLibrary can act where these associations (like NJLA and ALA) cannot. The opportunity to fund-raise and directly support library ballot initiatives will be unique in the library world.

EveryLibrary will raise funds nationally and spend them on local library ballot initiatives like tax rates, bonds, and other referenda, as well as serve as a consulting organization for libraries on their political campaigns.  As EveryLibrary founder (and former Membership Chair extraordinaire for ALA) John Chrastka says, “Any library ballot initiative anywhere matters to every library everywhere.”  Check out this great interview with EveryLibrary creator John Chrastka for more info on the EveryLibrary vision.

The brilliant Dave Lankes (who keynoted at our NJLA conference last Spring), writes, “I was very excited to hear about EveryLibrary. A PAC that it is dedicated to…’support these [local library funding] campaigns through non-partisan, pro-library voter education and get out the vote work.’  I love it!…More than making folks feel good about libraries, or love reading, here is an organization meant to directly support libraries at the local level with funding.”

I’ve donated to the cause because I believe EveryLibrary will ultimately benefit, well, every library. If the spirit moves you, please show your support for this groundbreaking organization by donating here.

And as long as you have that credit card out why not make a donation to NJLA too- I did!  🙂

Thanks everyone,